The HawkFeather Dancers
An educational showcase of modern Native American dances and customs.
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Meet the Dancers
Our dancers come and go from one performance to the next, mainly due to family, job, or individual appearance commitments, but all of the dancers below are considered "permanent' members of The HawkFeather Dancers family. Feel free to view photos in our gallery at the bottom of this page. More complete biographies of these dancers and bios of additional dancers will also be added soon as they become available.

Pete FourWinds - founder, host, narrator, and hoop dancer: Please visit Pete's website for his career history and other information about the hoop dance.

Jen Fire Dancing Turtle - Jen, Pete FourWinds' wife, is the lead (and occasionally solo) voice for many of Pete's solo performances, and lead voice for The HawkFeather Dancers. Jen also occasionally shares the Women's Traditional Dance and leads the Candy Dance for the children.

Corey "Spirit Sparrow Hawk of the Mountain" Giove - Grass Dance, Singer

Forest "Kahake" Giove -  Grass Dance

Peter "Searching Owl" Giove - Men's Traditional Dance, Flute, Singer

Naomi Otter - Fancy Shawl Dance

Traci Spirit Dancer - Fancy Shawl Dance

Laura Thunder Spirit Woman - Women's Buckskin Traditional Dance

Don Thunder Heart - Singer

Joe Dancing Eagle - Eagle Dance and Men's Traditional Dance

Sue Strong Woman - Women's Traditional Dance, Eastern Blanket Dance

Brian Red Moon Hawk - Men's Traditional Dance

Angie Storm Dancer - Women's Fancy Dance

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