The HawkFeather Dancers
An educational showcase of modern Native American dances and customs.
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Our programs are between 30 and 60 minutes, and include full dance demonstrations, question-and-answer periods on such topics as the dances themselves, dancers' regalia (dance outfits and clothing), Native music in general and The Drum in particular, modern customs and traditions observed at today's powwows (Native American gatherings), items and artifacts used at powwow and in daily life, and much more! Several dances are even interactive, giving audience members a unique opportunity to learn and try them out themselves.  

All programs feature 3-14 dancers, plus 1-4 singers. Program length and the number of dancers & singers is contingent on clients' needs and availability of dancers, as well as location size and overall event schedule requirements. Costs are negotiable, and all details are determined on a case by case basis, factoring these and other considerations.

PLEASE NOTE: We request at least 90 days' lead time for booking The HawkFeather Dancers for any event in order to work around dancers' family, work, and other commitments, as well as accommodate any travel requirements for dancers.

Most dancers are also available as solo artists on a case by case basis. Please visit the "Meet the Dancers" page to learn about each dancer's style, and contact us for details about having individual dancers or the entire group perform at your school, civic event, or function.


The HawkFeather Dancers are currently developing their 2012 season schedule. Please feel free to check back for updates and performances near you!
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